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An Overview Of The Stylish White iPhone 4

With many delay reasons to put up with the strongest attribute to the problem with the White iPhone 4 was interaction of the white paint with the scratch less and stainless glass technology. All things taken care of the White iPhone 4 is now out and running successfully. The size difference between the black and white version did appear true but only by a minuscule amount giving no problems with the handling and bumper fittings.

The white version comes with the same glass front and back surface and stainless steel around but the only difference is the white glass which adds a touch more elegance to the smartphone. Not only the surface, but the connection docks, headphone jacks and any other visible part is also white. As compared to the White iPhone 3GS which had plastic covering the device offers the same feeling of robustness and premium build quality as the original iPhone 4. The proximity sensor is slightly improved which makes this model more sensitive to light. The rear camera has also been modified with better clarity as compared to the black iPhone 4.

The device runs on the same iOS 4.3.1 with the April 2011 released ARM Cortex A8-based A4 processor giving an exceptional user experience. The updated versions of the iOS are also available and Apple has been proactive in providing its users with a prompt through the iTunes. The retina display still remains the essential and attractive feature of the White iPhone 4 providing remarkably clear pictures and also excellent gaming experience.

The phone is capable of multitasking with several apps running on the background and an interesting feature is easy switching between multiple email accounts through universal inboxes. The phone also offers extensive home screen customization options. The White iPhone 4 is available with tiny tweaks to the interface and features like changes in widgets or enhanced iPod-out capabilities. The White iPhone 4 also has a secondary camera supporting video calls on Wi-Fi via the FaceTime application.

In totality the White iPhone 4 has the same set of features as the black iPhone 4 the only noticeable difference is the white color scheme and a few minor upgrades. The iPhone lovers can definitely consider it as an upgrade or a replacement for their black iPhone 4 handset. At the end of the day, the appeal of this device comes down to aesthetics, and it simply offers a choice to potential iPhone buyers, but one which many will jump at the chance to take up.

With the imminent release of the iPhone 5, we are seeing reduced prices on iPhone 4 deals, across many networks so now is the time to snap up a bargain.

Source by Chris C Wesley

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