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Apple to Provide iPhone 4 Users With a Free Bumper to Repair Antenna Problem

After several weeks of being in clear denial, Apple finally went from pointing the finger at others to turning it around on themselves. Jobs acted rather childish in the process stating that the “death grip” hold that most users perform is the blame, not the device. Feeling the pressure from loyal customers and the media, Job’s finally caved in and gave up free bumpers to all customers who have bought the iPhone to date. Jobs also stated that those who have purchased bumpers on their own accord could get a refund or store credit for the price of their purchase. Those who want bumpers will have to go to the Apple store and fight the masses before September 30th or else customers will once again have to pay for the bumpers as they did before this announcement.

“What is a bumper?” many are asking. A bumper is a plastic ring that wraps around the perimeter of the phone with holes for the charge port, volume switch, vibrate/silent switch, and the power button. Imagine it like being a case with no back on it.

There is one large plus to this bumper, it provides some protection to the iPhone glass screen and glass back cover that many have been concerned about. Apple touts that their glass screen is made with helicopter glass; however, at a thickness of less than 3mm, the screen is easily breakable. The iPhone 4 glass screen and back cover will now have some protection when being dropped on edge (easiest way to break a screen due to shear force on the glass).

While Apple continues to awe us all with their innovations, I really wish they would have just admitted to their flaw and moved on with it. Instead Jobs, like an incessant teenager, refused to admit his mistake until after he was truly backed up against the wall.

Source by Jeremy Bates

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