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Soil Mechanics: Concepts and Applications

Soil Mechanics: Concepts and Applications

The aim of this book is to encourage students to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of soil mechanics. It builds a robust and adaptable framework of ideas to support and accommodate the more complex problems and analytical procedures that confront the practising geotechnical engineer. Soil Mechanics: Concepts and Applications covers the soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering topics typically included in university courses in civil engineering and related subjects. Physical rather than mathematical arguments are used wherever possible. The order in which the material is presented is based on the belief that students need time to assimilate new concepts, and that too many new ideas should not be introduced all at once. Many special features make the book accessible and stimulating for the student: case histories show how sensible application of simple ideas and methods can produce successful engineering solutions; more than 50 worked examples and case studies demonstrate the concepts in real applications; learning objectives, key points and questions enable the reader to check on understanding and progress.


Title Soil Mechanics: Concepts and Applications
Author William Powrie (Author)
Language English
ISBN ISBN-13: 978-0419197201 ISBN-10: 0419197206
Size  28 MB
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