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Unit Weight of Building Materials in Construction

Unit Weight of Building Materials in Construction

Unit Weight of Building Materials:

In this post, we are going to tabulate the Unit weights of different building materials.

Before getting started. What is the Unit Weight and Why it is important?

Unit Weight is also known as Specific weight. Unit weight is the weight of the material per unit volume. As we know that the volume is quantified in terms of litres or  m3 and weight is measured in terms of Kg or KN. The Unit weight of materials is the weight of material/unit volume which means the Unit weight is expressed in Kg/L or  KG/m3 or KN/m3.

For easy reference, we organized all the building materials unit weights in a table. This list is a collective effort. Give a thumbs up if you liked it. Bookmark the page and use the search if required.

unit weight of materials

Building Material Unit Weight
PCC (Plain Cement Concrete) 24 KN/m3
RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) 25KN/m3
Portland Cement 14KN/m3
Cement Mortar 20KN/m3
Water 10KN/m3
Dry Sand 16KN/m3
River Sand 18.4KN/m3
Wet sand 11KN/m3 to 20KN/m3
Bricks 16 to 19.2 KN/m3
Bitumen 10.4KN/m3
Brick Masonry 19.2KN/m3
Cement plaster 20KN/m3
Lime plaster 17KN/m3
Broken Bricks 14.2KN/m3
Dry, Loose Earth 12KN/m3
Dry, Loose Sand 14.4-17KN/m3
Silt 21KN/m3
Igneous rock 27KN/m3
Sedimaentary rock 26KN/m3
Metamorphic rock 27KN/m3
Mud 16KN/m3
Granite 24.5KN/m3
Marble 26.5KN/m3
Aggregate 17.5KN/m3
Lime concrete 19KN/m3
Clay (Dry) 16KN/m3
Clay (Damp) 17.6KN/m3
Gravel 20KN/m3
Ballast 17.2KN/m3
Chalk 22.4KN/m3
Willow Timber 420Kg/m3
Teak Timber 650Kg/m3
Sal Timber 10KN/m3
Asbestos Cement Sheet 12 to 15.6Kg/m3
Glass 24-27.2KN/m3
Charcoal 530Kg/m3
Tin 72KN/m3
Nickel 8.9KN/m3
Clinker 750Kg/m3
Copper 89KN/m3
Stainless Steel 74.5KN/m3
Aluminium 27KN/m3
Ice 910Kg/m3
Slag 15KN/m3

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