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2020 Honda Fit Debuts With Five Trim Levels, New Hybrid System

2020 Honda Fit Debuts With Five Trim Levels, New Hybrid System

The Honda Fit first stole the hearts of subcompact fans back in 2001, and the fourth-generation model is now alive at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The short proportions front and rear with a high beltline are familiar territory for the Fit, but this is an all-new model that Honda says will be available in five different flavors to suit a range of lifestyles. The Fit is billed as a vehicle intended to be a “globally-accepted standard” for compact cars, though it’s not yet clear if it will have a home in the U.S. market.

The fourth-gen Fit retains its impressive frontal visibility from the inside, though a redesigned front pillar with a cross-sectional structure differs from the previous model. Honda says this is better for impact absorption into the body in the event of a collision, while the Honda Sensing advanced safety system further caters to the protection of occupants. The setup gains a front wide-view camera, which works with eight sonar sensors front and back to enhance the Fit’s emergency auto braking functionality. For the fourth-generation model, it’s standard-issue equipment on all trim levels.

As for those levels, the 2020 Fit is offered in Basic, Home, Ness, Crosstar, and Luxe trim. Strange names aside, it’s basically a progression from entry-level with Basic to an up-spec Luxe, the latter of which gets leather seats, platinum-style chrome plating on the exterior, and 16-inch wheels as standard. Stepping down a notch, Crosstar adopts a slightly more sporty appearance with a soft-roader theme, even going so far as to have water-repellent interior materials. Ness also gets the water-repellent treatment along with a range of color combinations with a sporty feel, while Home gets fabric seats and other materials that are a step up from Basic.

Honda hasn’t yet released information on the Fit’s new powertrain, but we are told a hybrid model will feature the automaker’s newly announced e:HEV two-motor hybrid system, which will also be available later in the Accord. While offering few details thus far, Honda says this setup will become the company’s core hybrid system moving forward, with emphasis placed on electric power over internal-combustion engines.

Similarly, the Fit will be the first model outfitted with Honda’s Connect on-board communication system. This includes remote control of select vehicle functions by smartphone, emergency support services in the event of a traffic accident, and security services which can dispatch a security guard to your location when “an abnormal situation occurring to the vehicle is detected.”

Honda says the new Fit will go on sale in February, though as previously mentioned, availability in various markets including North America isn’t confirmed. Pricing will also be available at a later date.

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