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Renergen approved for secondary listing on A2X

Renergen approved for secondary listing on A2X

Emerging helium and domestic natural gas producer Renergen has been approved for a secondary listing on the A2X market, in South Africa.

Renergen’s listing on the A2X will be effective November 27.

Renergen CEO Stefano Marani says the A2X “presents an exciting, easy-to-use platform on which current and future shareholders can trade at lower costs”.

A2X, which is considered a disruptive market participant, does not present any additional cost, risk or compliance and Renergen sees “compelling value in this platform for shareholders,” he added.

As the only holder of onshore natural petroleum production rights in South Africa, Renergen “represents a unique domestic asset”, says A2X CEO Kevin Brady.

Renergen has listings on the JSE and Australia’s ASX. These are not expected to be affected by the secondary listing on the A2X.

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