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Toyota to Welcome Visitors at ‘Mobility Theme Park’ | Toyota | Global Newsroom

Toyota to Welcome Visitors at ‘Mobility Theme Park’ | Toyota | Global Newsroom

Experience a thrilling range of futuristic concepts and displays

  • Powerful collaborative entertainment displays put on by people, mobility, and images
  • Become a resident of the future with access to the future mobility society
  • Collect points while experiencing future mobility and trade them in for novelty items at the Toyota convenience store
  • Enjoy a refreshing drink of water served by Toyota Micro Palette and take a ride on the e-broom and experience the fun of future mobility

Toyota City, Japan, October 23, 2019―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) plans to stage a “mobility theme park” for experiencing the future at its booth at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 for 12 days* from October 24 to November 4.

At the Toyota convenience store, a futuristic store located at the exit of the mobility society of the future, visitors can exchange points collected on their residence card for a novelty item. People of the future, robots, and future mobility await your arrival at the Toyota booth. Come and experience the fun of mobility and all the possibilities that lie in store for you in a future that centers on people, as envisioned by Toyota.

A guide map to the Toyota booth

Guide Map

At this Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota proposes a future that centers on people, a future in which “beloved cars” realize the experience of “fun to drive” for each customer, alongside a wide range of mobility that responds thoroughly to each customer’s needs.

The following is an overview of mobility service platforms that can be experienced at the Toyota booth.

Mobility society of the future entrance

People of the future welcome you, then issue your residence card.

  • People of the future

    “People of the future”

    Toyota booth guides

  • T-HR3


    Let’s play rock-paper-scissors!

    A humanoid robot that flexibly moves its entire body in tandem with the movements of the operator

  • HSR



    A robot adept at recognizing, taking hold of, and transporting objects

Future stage

Powerful entertainment show and the experience of future mobility

  • TOYOTA Micro Palette

    “TOYOTA Micro Palette”

    Debuts serving water!

    A small delivery robot that delivers physical goods to a loved one, along with the feelings that go with it. This one last-mile mobility suggests emotion-filled distribution in the future.

  • e-Palette


    Showcases autonomous driving at a powerful entertainment show featuring people, mobility, and images in collaboration

    A mobility service that maintains a close-knit relationship with people of the future. Not just a form of physical transport, it provides a space for people to enjoy hobbies while bringing stores and services to customers.



    Experience the virtual fitting function that creates a racing suit just for you

    This vehicle represents the “fun to drive” element of the future. Wearing specialized digital glasses, visitors can enjoy a real-life experience of a racing course of their choosing, and customize seating to fit their body shape.

  • e-broom


    It flies through the air? Experience first-hand mobility of the future!

    Modeled after a broom used by a witch to fly through the air, this mobility platform integrates people and machines, allowing users to reaffirm the enjoyment of mobility.

  • TOYOTA e-4me

    “TOYOTA e-4me”

    Live performance on stage of a futuristic single-seat mobility service that offers a bit of luxury

    This single-seat mobility platform offering a taste of luxury allows the passenger to use their time while en route to do what they want. It allows passengers to enjoy various services without worrying about other people.

Future square

A “mobility theme park” for experiencing the future by seeing, touching, and riding

  • TOYOTA e-Trans

    “TOYOTA e-Trans”

    Come into contact with and ride in a future mobility vehicle

    This is a ride-share service. Various people can comfortably be transported while also transporting numerous goods.

  • TOYOTA e-Chargeair

    “TOYOTA e-Chargeair”

    Feel free to charge your mobile phone at any time

    Equipped with a wireless battery charging system, this ride-share mobility service can provide a charge to other BEVs while traveling. It can supply electricity not only to cars but to the city itself, and is equipped with various functions, including an air purifier and Wi-Fi.

  • TOYOTA e-Care

    “TOYOTA e-Care”

    Experience a medical exam of the future using a facial version of the well-known game ‘rock-paper-scissors’.

    This mobility service allows a passenger to talk with a doctor while en route and also undergo a medical exam on their way to the hospital. This vehicle goes where it is needed, including a customer’s home or other destinations.

Mobility society of the future exit

Exchange the points you collected for a novelty item at Toyota convenience store

  • Toyota convenience store

    “Toyota convenience store”

    Visitors can exchange points they collected on their residence card for a novelty item.

* The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 24 through November 4, with press days on October 23 and 24, a special invitation day on October 24, and general public days from October 25 through November 4.

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