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Teaching is ruining my life, but I don’t know what to do instead | Guardian Careers

We asked readers to get in touch with work-related problems they need guidance on.

An anonymous teacher, 41, from West Yorkshire, wrote:

I’m desperate to get out of teaching. It’s exhausting, stressful and is ruining my life. I’m not a senior leader so can’t go on to be a consultant or inspector. I’ve been teaching for over a decade and most of the jobs I’ve seen that suit my skills and experience could mean taking over a 50% pay cut.

I feel totally trapped. I have so many useful skills including fantastic communication, creativity, collaboration, and very solid IT skills but I don’t know where to find my niche.

My job is making me ill. I have developed chronic headaches and IBS. Sometimes I have panic attacks. I am burning out. Carrying on is not an option.

Readers can offer their own advice in the comment thread below and their suggestions will be published alongside our career expert’s own insights.

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