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Mid-Engined Toyota Supra MkIV Rendering Doesn’t Look Half-Bad

Mid-Engined Toyota Supra MkIV Rendering Doesn’t Look Half-Bad

The Toyota Supra has always been front-engined, rear-wheel drive, and legendary, but so is the Chevy Corvette before the mid-engined C8 was born this year. What if Toyota got a little radical in ’90s and reinvented the Supra with the engine behind the seats? Would have that ruined the nameplate?

Thankfully, someone else did the task of reimagining a mid-engined Supra MkIV and turned it into a rendering that our eyes can consume. Abimelec Arellano of Abimelec Design shared his take, and we really think it doesn’t look half bad.

At first glance, the mid-engined Supra doesn’t look any different. It still sports the iconic headlamps configuration, as well as the side scoop and wings. However, a side-by-side comparison would reveal a huge deal of difference between the original and the reimagined Supra.

With the greenhouse moved slightly forward to accommodate the 2JZ engine at the back, the mid-engined Supra looks like a supercar, a Ferrari specifically, especially in this bright red hue. The rendering also got two prominent curves on the hood, presumably to spice up the design a bit. However, this addition made this rendering look like a rebadged Mitsubishi FTO. Now, good luck unseeing that.

Abimelec recognized the fact that his rendering is a nod to the Honda NSX, or Acura NSX as we know it, which was a tight competitor to the MkIV Supra in the ’90s.

With that said, it’s interesting to ponder upon the possibilities of this rivalry if both cars are mid-engined. Would have that affected the Supra’s appeal before? Would the MkIV Supra be legendary as it is today? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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