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Stress Isometric Creation in AutoPIPE using OPIM

Stress Isometric Creation in AutoPIPE using OPIM

We don’t have to tell you how much time it takes to share one piece of information with everyone involved in your pipe stress analysis project. You have the CAD designer, the consultants, structural engineers, equipment manufacturers and more…all contributing and making changes. What we do have to tell you is that there is an easier and more efficient way.

Check out this On Demand webinar from Senior Piping Application Engineer, Luke Andrew. He’ll show you a more streamlined process to create stress isometrics that help the project team quickly review the collaborated piping design. No more having to run to the computer to open the pipe stress model to review a design.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is included in a stress isometric
  • Different stress isometric file types
  • Stress Isometric options
  • Stress Isometric settings


Title Stress Isometric Creation in AutoPIPE using OPIM
Duration 30 Mins
Language English
Format MP4
Size  254 MB
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