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Urban Flood Modeling with OpenFlows FLOOD

Urban Flood Modeling with OpenFlows FLOOD

With increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, rapid urbanization, and inadequate drainage, there is a devastating potential for urban floods where lives and property are at an enormous risk.

Watch flood modeling expert, Rodrigo Fernandes, as he presents stories of how OpenFlows FLOOD is leveraged by different organizations and cities in urban flood risk assessment and analysis, for improving their urban flood resilience. See how the organizations create and implement detailed and integrated flood model simulations in urban areas.

Discover how users integrate the flood models with existing Bentley technology such as ContextCapture for constructing detailed digital terrain models, other OpenFlows solutions for stormwater and sewer drainage network modeling, and LumenRT for realistic visualization of flood events.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Urban flood modeling and simulation using OpenFlows FLOOD
  • How to integrate OpenFlows FLOOD with other Bentley solutions
  • Main workflows and data requirements for urban flood simulations
  • Urban flood modeling best practices from successful user stories


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