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Modernisation, Mechanisation and Industrialisation of Concrete Structures

Modernisation, Mechanisation and Industrialisation of Concrete Structures

Modernisation, Mechanisation and Industrialisation of Concrete Structures discusses the manufacture of high quality prefabricated concrete construction components, and how that can be achieved through the application of developments in concrete technology, information modelling and best practice in design and manufacturing techniques.

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Part I Modernisation of Precast Concrete Structures
Chapter 1 Historical and Chronological Development of Precast Concrete Structures
1.1 The five periods of development and optimisation
1.2 Developing years and the standardisation period
1.3 Optimisation and the lightweight period
1.4 The thermal mass period
Chapter 2 Industrial Building Systems (IBS) Project Implementation
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Routes to IBS procurement. 2.3 Precast concrete IBS solution to seven-storey skeletal frame2.4 Manufacture of precast concrete components and ancillaries
2.5 Minimum project sizes and component efficiency for IBS
2.6 Design implications in construction matters
2.7 Conclusions
Chapter 3 Best Practice and Lessons Learned in IBS Design, Detailing and Construction
3.1 Increasing off-site fabrication
3.2 Standardisation
3.3 Self-compacting concrete for precast components
3.4 Recycled precast concrete
3.5 Building services
3.6 Conclusions
References. Chapter 4 Research and Development Towards the Optimisation of Precast Concrete Structures4.1 The research effort on precast concrete framed structures
4.2 Precast frame connections
4.3 Studies on structural integrity of precast frames and connections
Part II Mechanisation and Automation of the Production of Concrete Elements
Chapter 5 Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Software for the Design and Detailing of Precast Structures
5.1 Building information modelling (BIM)
5.2 Technologies
5.3 BIM in precast construction
5.4 Summary
References. Chapter 6 Mechanisation and Automation in Concrete Production6.1 Development of industrialization and automation in the concrete prefabrication industry
6.2 CAD-CAM BIM from Industry 2.0 to 4.0
6.3 Automation methods
6.4 Integrated and automated prefabricated production process
6.5 Limits of automation
6.6 Summary and outlook
Part III Industrialisation of Concrete Structures
Chapter 7 Lean Construction —
Industrialisation of On-site Production Processes
7.1 Work process planning (WPP)
7.2 Construction production process planning procedure. 7.3 Work process planning (WPP) —
work execution estimation7.4 Work process planning (WPP) —
planning the processes and construction methods
7.5 Planning the execution process
7.6 Procedure for selecting construction methods and processes
7.7 Conclusions to Chapter 7
Chapter 8 Lean Construction —
Industrialisation of On-site Production Processes
8.1 Introduction —
top-down / bottom-up work planning scheduling and resource planning
8.2 Scheduling and resource planning
8.3 Site Logistics
8.4 Weekly work plans
8.5 Construction site controlling process. 8.6 CIP —
the continuous improvement process.


Title Modernisation, Mechanisation and Industrialisation of Concrete Structures
Author Kim S. Elliott (Editor), Zuhairi Abd. Hamid (Editor)
Language English
ISBN ISBN-13: 978-1118876497 ISBN-10: 9781118876497
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