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You betcha! Trailer for season four of FX’s Fargo is straight gangster

You betcha! Trailer for season four of FX’s Fargo is straight gangster

So confession time. The first time I saw the Coen Brothers classic 1996 dark comedy FARGO, I was not impressed. The film felt ponderous and boring. In addition, I didn’t think the movie was particularly funny although I loved Frances McDormand‘s Oscar winning performance. However much like lefse, a signature food of North Dakota, the film grew on me over the years. There really is so much to love about the movie whether it’s Steve Buscemi‘s oddball performance, Roger Deakins impressive cinematography, or the flawless direction by the Coen brothers.

When FX decided to launch a television series based on the eponymous film I was skeptical. I just didn’t see how it would translate onto television. Boy was I wrong. The anthology series has proved to be a winner for the cable channel, garnering twenty-two Emmy nominations to date. Fargo’s greatest strength is in its aforementioned anthology approach, with each season involving different characters, stories, and sometimes eras. The upcoming fourth season of Noah Hawley‘s smash hit is set to debut on April 19 and FX just released it’s first trailer for the series.

For season four, Hawley decided to go back in time farther than the show ever has. Fargo’s fourth season will be set in 1950 and not in North Dakota but in Kansas City, Missouri. The show will find crime syndicate boss Loy Cannon (Chris Rock) going up against the Italian mafia and actor Jason Schwartzman‘s gangster Josto Fadda. Hawley’s previous seasons have been rife with gripping drama and hilarious dark humor and this looks like more of the same. When Schwartzman’s Josto describes towards the end of the trailer how he wants to make babies, I almost spit out my coffee. Additionally, the rest of the cast is stacked, with Jessie Buckley, Ben Whishaw, Jack Huston, and a personal favorite Timothy Olyphant all playing significant parts. Does this new season look great? You betcha!

So are you guys excited for Fargo season four? Have you seen the previous seasons? Does anyone even have cable anymore? Let us know in the comments below.

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