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Elijah Wood has ideas for a new Nightmare on Elm Street

Elijah Wood has ideas for a new Nightmare on Elm Street

Elijah Wood, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Robert Englund

Everyone’s worst nightmare might soon come true, and by worst, I mean best!

Last Halloween, Spectrevision’s Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah revealed to that one of their dream horror projects was to revitalize the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. While sharing their vision with the outlet, the duo expressed that they have “a very unique take” they’re ready to propose, and that they’ve even gone so far as to speak with the rights holders. Naturally, this little slice of information was enough to get fans of the Nightmare series very excited, especially since original Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund stated in 2018 that he’s open to playing the legendary dream demon, if only for one more time.

Now, thanks to a recent interview courtesy of Bloody Disgusting’s Boo Crew Podcast, Wood has shared more of what he’d like to do with the iconic horror property.

Any opportunity to get hold of a classic franchise like that and revitalize it and do something different with it is pretty exciting. I don’t know if the rights are actually available. We’ve done our due diligence,” Wood informed the Boo Crew. He then added, “You can’t just reboot it…you can’t tell the same story over again.”

“It’s already been done. You can’t do an origin story with Freddy Krueger again; that’s already been done twice. You almost have to let Freddy go and move into a different direction. I think you bring Freddy along for the ride initially, but you have to go somewhere else with it because it’s such well-trodden ground.”

As their talk continued, Wood touched on his desire to bring Englund back for another round of nightmarish naptime, saying that the project would be difficult to pull off without him.

“I think [Englund] has to be [in it]. I think you have to. To honor that series. To honor that character. To honor [Wes] Craven,” Wood explained. “I think you have to do that, and then you can express beyond that. He said he wants to do one last film as well.”

To be clear, Wood’s plan to make another Nightmare film are purely hypothetical at this time. Spectrevision is in no way in control of the Nightmare on Elm Street rights, which according to sources are believed to be in the hands of Wes Craven‘s estate.

My question is this: Who do I have to commit unmentionable acts for to make this happen? I’m not kidding. I’ll do anything. My wife and I are major fans of Elijah Wood. Does that sound strange? I’m serious, though. In fact, I was just talking about him last night, saying how I can’t wait to check out COME TO DADDY, Wood’s next peculiar picture from director Ant Timpson. I personally think that Englund coming back for another Nightmare would be a dream come true, and I’ll bet my shiny Nightmare vinyl collection from MONDO that plenty of horror fans would agree.

Would you trust Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah with revitalizing the Nightmare on Elm Street series? If it were up to you, how would you re-introduce the Springwood Slasher to a whole new generation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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