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Taika Waititi seemingly denies reports he’s directing a Star Wars film

Taika Waititi seemingly denies reports he’s directing a Star Wars film

It certainly has been an epic last few years for Taika Waititi. The New Zealand director made a name for himself with his third feature film WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, a faux documentary on vampires. Waititi followed that up with the critically acclaimed HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE and then revived the Mighty God of Thunder with THOR: RAGNAROK. Then this past Sunday Taika Waititi won the Academy award for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars for JOJO RABBIT. Yeah it’s pretty safe to say that everything right now is coming up Milhouse for Taika Waititi.

Last month numerous reports had Taika Waititi being courted to direct a STAR WARS film. This move made lot of sense considering Waititi’s involvement in Disney+’s The Mandalorian. Not only did Waititi voice droid IG-11 in the series, he also directed the season finale, arguably the best episode of the season. Furthermore, Waititi already has ties to the House of Mouse with his involvement in the MCU and his particular sensibilities seem suited to a galaxy far, far away.

However despite reports to the contrary, Waititi denied rumors that he’s been approached to direct a STAR WARS film during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Speaking to the outlet, Waititi said, “Listen, what does ‘approached’ even mean? I’ve seen Star Wars, that’s about as far as it got.” Now obviously Waititi could be just playing coy and didn’t want to get into specifics. Additionally, there’s been no actual confirmation from Disney regarding Taika Waititi‘s involvement yet. Pre-production on the next STAR WARS film isn’t even a blip on the horizon so there’s currently a ton of moving pieces behind the scenes.

Even if Taika Waititi does sign on for a STAR WARS film, it’s going to be a bit before he can get to it. The director just wrapped NEXT GOAL WINS starring Michael Fassbender due out later this year. He’s also currently writing the script for THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER alongside Jennifer Kaytin Robinson. The next adventure for the God of Thunder is set to begin filming later this year with a release date of November 5, 2021. The man is certainly in high demand and there’s only so many balls you can juggle.

So what do you guys think? Is Waititi just being coy or is his involvement in a STAR WARS film inevitable? If Taika Waititi does direct a STAR WARS movie what era would you like to see him tackle? Hit us up in the comments below!


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