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Liev Schreiber indicates more Ray Donovan is on the way

Liev Schreiber indicates more Ray Donovan is on the way

About ten days ago JoBlo made the unfortunate announcement that Showtime had canceled Ray Donovan after seven seasons. For eighty-two excellent episodes fans watched entranced as the eponymous character arranged bribes, payoffs, threats, and employed other nefarious means to protect his high profile clientele. The show received multiple awards and accolades, with actor Jon Voight receiving a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor in 2014. The writing had been on the wall for several months with Showtime’s Co-President of Entertainment Gary Levine saying,I think Ray Donovan is nearing the end of its run. We always talked about seven or eight seasons. Nothing has been decided yet but it’s fair to say it is nearing the end.

The news was something of a blow to Ray Donovan fans as season seven most definitely did not wrap up the series in a tight little bow. Lovers of the show made their frustration abundantly clear to Showtime with phone calls, emails, and of course social media. Well if Liev Schreiber (SPOTLIGHT) who played the title role on the program is to be believed, their efforts have paid off…maybe. Taking to Instagram, LIev Schreiber had this to say:



Now while Schreiber’s comments are somewhat nebulous and cryptic, it certainly sounds like more Ray Donovan is on the way. However, what form that actually takes is anyone’s guess. We could be talking about a full and final season, an abbreviated season, or perhaps even a Ray Donovan film or two. My guess would be the latter as the production wouldn’t cost quite as much. In addition, HBO’s Deadwood had tremendous success with this tactic last year with a thoroughly satisfying and conclusive television movie – thirteen years after the series ended.

So what do you guys think? Are you Ray Donovan fans? In what way do you think they will wrap up the series? Is there substance behind Schreiber’s comments or is it just wishful thinking? Sound off in the comments below!

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