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A First Look At Robert Pattinson As “The Batman”

A First Look At Robert Pattinson As “The Batman”

Last night, the world got its first look at what kind of Batman Robert Pattinson will be. Yes, director of The Batman Matt Reeves releases a screen test, less than a minute long, that showcases Pattinson in the Batsuit. Moreover, it includes a little taste of the score that composer Michael Giacchino is brewing up for the film. Throw in the fact that cinematographer Greig Fraser was behind the camera for it all and this is our first real taste of The Batman. Luckily, it’s a promising first tease for the movie.

Robert Pattinson looks like a lean and mean Batman, which is really what the curiosity factor was about. Pattinson will fit as a Bruce Wayne, no question about that, but he was more of a question mark when it comes to the Caped Crusader. However, he appears to be a gritty and utilitarian Bat, one rumored to be first starting out as a superhero. This particular take on the crimefighter could fit Pattinson well, furthering the evidence that Reeves chose well with his Dark Knight…

Last year, when Pattinson was selected, we had this to say:

“Part of why this is so exciting is that the actor has been making some phenomenal choices of late. Pattinson is far from the guy opposite Kristen Stewart in Twilight these days. Like Stewart, he has evolved into an exciting actor who chooses daring projects. Since then, he’s worked with filmmakers like David Cronenberg, Claire Denis, James Gray, the Safdie Brothers, and soon Christopher Nolan, in projects as varied as Cosmopolis, Good Time, High Life, The Lost City of Z, Maps to the Stars, just to name a few. If that’s not the mark of an exciting actor making unconventional choices, I don’t know what is?

As Batman (as well as in his upcoming Nolan extravaganza), Pattinson has a chance to bring all of his newfound artistic choices to the blockbuster realm. His work in the Twilight franchise was forgettable, though he was still learning his craft back then. Those subsequent projects have him testing his limits, which is something he’ll be sure to do with the Bruce Wayne character, not to mention Batman. Especially if Matt Reeves is going gritty and grounded with a Year One type interpretation of the character, Pattinson will fit that mold to a T. As you’ll see below, his casting makes perfect sense.”

Here is the screen test:

Stay tuned for more on The Batman over the next year and change!

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