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Blue Marble Global Mapper v21.0.1

Blue Marble Global Mapper v21.0.1

A new version of the program for viewing maps and vector images has been released – Global Mapper v21.0

Global Mapper allows not only viewing, but also converting or editing, and even printing all kinds of maps and vector data sets. Global Mapper allows you to load your data as layers (only under the condition that you are working in the Digital Elevation Model), or as a scanned map if you need to depict the terrain in 3D. There is also a good feature that allows you to work in real time. This happens by downloading data from a GPS receiver that is connected to the computer. 

Global Mapper supports a huge number of formats. Working with it is easy and simple, the interface is not oversaturated with various options, you can safely work in it and not think about where to click in order to do something.


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