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Most Valuable Soft Skills for Oil Pros in 2020  | Rigzone

Most Valuable Soft Skills for Oil Pros in 2020  | Rigzone

The most valuable soft skills sought after by oil employers at this time are creativity, emotional intelligence, problem solving and customer centricity, according to Amanda McCulloch, managing director of TMM Recruitment Ltd.

“These skills are closely aligned with one another and their complementary strengths lead to enhanced employee engagement and improved productivity,” McCulloch told Rigzone.

“We’re all working in business environments which are increasingly competitive, where the edge is achieved either through incremental gains or by doing things completely differently. Both approaches require fresh thinking, coming up with new ideas, looking at things from a different perspective – having the ability to think creatively,” McCulloch added.  

“But very few ideas become constructive actions in an organizational context without team working and that’s where emotional intelligence comes into its own, improving interpersonal communications, motivation and trust,” the TMM Recruitment representative continued.

McCulloch also highlighted that problem-solving skills facilitate good analysis.

“Working through a series of decisions which assess the impact of alternative options before reaching a resolution or conclusion as quickly as possible – this logical approach creates an environment for really sound decision making in a time efficient manner,” McCulloch stated.

The TMM Recruitment MD went on to say it’s vital that employees prioritize a great customer experience, appreciate that the customer should be at the center of business decisions, understand how to solve their problems and how to solve the problems they haven’t even thought of yet.

According to Christopher Melillo, the founder and managing partner of Kaye/Bassman’s Energy Practice, communication and presentation skills and versatility are the most valuable soft skills for oil pros in 2020.

Melillo said communication skills are “crucial” and noted that a cool and calm demeanor “will always be the common trait for success in many situations”.

“By keeping an even demeanor, you can communicate effectively among your team as either a leader or contributor to help work through a task or problem that arises,” Melillo told Rigzone.

Looking at presentation skills, Melillo said, “while you may not have to present/sell an idea or plan to a national shareholder group, you may have to present to one person at a level above so he or she will further champion your plans and/or ideas”.

Commenting on versatility, Melillo stated, “having a Geoscientist or Petroleum Engineer who understands the fundamentals behind the economics or someone in that capacity who understands the supply-chain process is crucial to an efficient operation”.

“This ability to handle everything in both a designer and doer capacity will always outweigh the individual who is only one or the other,” he added.

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