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Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Holland go viral in Back To The Future deepfake vid

Robert Downey Jr. & Tom Holland go viral in Back To The Future deepfake vid

The latest trend of deepfake videos have certainly left their mark. Whether it’s Sylvester Stallone subbing in for Arnold Schwarzenegger in TERMINATOR 2 or Jim Carrey seemingly taking the place of Jack Nicholson in THE SHINING, the deepfake videos are equal parts eerie and amazing. The latest deepfake video may be the best one yet and it takes two stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to transform a scene from 1985’s BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, subs in for Marty McFly while IRON MAN’S Robert Downey Jr. steps in as Doc Brown. The video is eerily believable and if the studio Gods decide to reboot BACK TO THE FUTURE (please don’t) Holland should be their top pick to take on Michael J. Fox’s iconic role. For the deepfake video, the scene’s audio is the same as are the visuals but the faces of Holland and Downey Jr. replace Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, respectively. 

I’m still amazed by the time and care that goes into these videos because to the naked eye, they look VERY seamless. The video has also gone viral, currently trending at number 17 on YouTube and gaining over 2.7 million views since being posted on Valentine’s Day. YouTuber Ezryderx47 certainly has some talent and I honestly can’t wait to see what movie they’ll switch things up with in the future.

Did YOU think the BACK TO THE FUTURE deepfake video was legit?

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