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Sam the Eagle & Scooter of The Muppets perform a President’s Day address

Sam the Eagle & Scooter of The Muppets perform a President’s Day address

Today is President’s Day in the United States, and here to celebrate several of the nation’s former leaders are Sam the Eagle and Scooter of The Muppets fame.

In the video posted below, Sam the Eagle proudly steps to the center of the stage for a spirited recognization of the patriotic holiday. With his feathery, black brow as bold as many of the leaders who’ve helped usher the United States of America toward greatness, one gets the impression that Sam takes President’s Day rather seriously. As the video plays on, Sam readies a no-nonsense rendition of Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address – that is before Scooter shuffles into frame, ready and willing to give Sam’s presentation a sense of style by way of his sweet beatboxing skills.

It’s a fun clip that showcases two Muppets who’re likely to be on opposite sides of the political spectrum. That said, here they are, each working together toward a common goal – to celebrate the concept of pride in one’s nation by remembering those who’d worked so hard to make a difference. Personally, my favorite part of the video is when you can tell that Sam is finally digging on Scooter’s musical contribution to the address. After a few bars, he really leans into the groove, you know? It almost makes me wish that we could get a Sam the Eagle rap alum. Almost.

For a time, Josh Gad was poised to co-write a six-part live-action series titled THE MUPPETS LIVE AGAIN for Disney+. Unfortunately, the project that was planned to be an ’80s-set sequel to THE MUPPETS TAKE MANHATTAN was cancelled by Disney after reports of creative differences ultimately took the stuffing out of the idea.

Now, before you go flipping any tables about that, you should know that a new Muppets-related project is currently in the works. The show is called MUPPETS NOW, and it’s been described as a short-form, improvisational comedy series. MUPPETS NOW will of course be produced by Disney, who in November dedicated an entire section of their Disney+ streaming service to the Jim Henson‘s timeless felt-covered creations.

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