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Rolls-Royce Creates The Ultimate Owners’ Club

Rolls-Royce Creates The Ultimate Owners’ Club

“Whispers is completely unique,” says Torsten Muller-Otvos, CEO of Rolls-Royce. “It is a digital gateway to a fascinating world beyond, where the exceptional and the extraordinary come together and are tailored to meet the demands and tastes of our eclectic and highly valued community of clients. Whispers offers transformative experiences, rare and desirable products, whimsical treasures and exclusive Rolls-Royce previews that are curated by Rolls-Royce and delivered directly to the fingertips of our global community.”

Perhaps the feature users will appreciate most is that they can connect with one another and share information, such as discovering little-known restaurants, hotels, and bars around the world. These places have already been endorsed by users to everyone can be assured they’re legit. Rolls-Royce wants owners to see Whispers as a “gateway” to the most unique products, services, and ideas on the plant.

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