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Leigh Whannel, Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen & more on Invisible Man!

Leigh Whannel, Elisabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen & more on Invisible Man!

From the very first sequence, Leigh Whannall’s update on THE INVISIBLE MAN brings on the tension. Yes, this is an exceptional film, in fact, you can check out Chris Bumbray and Matt Rooney‘s rave reviews as well. Brilliantly shot, Whannell has crafted a modern genre masterpiece, one that uses sound and space to create a tense and frightening tale. It also helps that Elisabeth Moss gives one of the best genre performances of the past few years. In addition, the film boasts impressive turns from Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid and the Invisible Man himself, Oliver Jackson-Cohen. This is the kind of movie you’ll want to see with an audience, one that is filled with more than a few shocks and surprises throughout.

Recently, we had the privilege of speaking to a few members of the cast, along with an actor who’s presence is felt a whole lot, but is invisible for most of the film. For Oliver Jackson-Cohen, it was a thrill to play a title character in the world of Universal Monsters. And while his screen time is seriously limited, he makes the most of it. However, like a lot of on-screen baddies, he happens to be one of the most undeniably charming and incredibly pleasant fellows around. And for those of you looking forward to it – which is perhaps a majority of genre fans – he’ll next be appearing in the series The Haunting of Bly Manor, the second season to The Haunting of Hill House.

Next up, we spoke to yet another charmer, the very sweet-natured Storm Reid. While Ms. Moss certainly gets the brunt of her invisible co-star’s hate, Reid certainly has to contend with a few things as well. The actress is terrific and shares a wonderful chemistry with both Moss and Aldis Hodge. In fact, part of the reason the film works as well as it does is simply because of how much we actually like the characters. And yes, fresh off her work in the series Euphoria, as well as When They See Us, Reid continues to prove what an impressive performer she is.

I was simply blown away by the work that Elisabeth Moss put into this role. While she’s certainly given impressive and challenging performances before –  including The Handmaid’s Tale – she goes all out here emotionally and physically. She opened up about taking on the role, and just how intense things get. What is especially impressive is that her approach is simply, I need to do this, it is my job. As well, she opened up about her love of horror and how she felt that Leigh Whannell was so perfect for this particular story. It’s always such a great pleasure sitting down with Elisabeth, she is kind and gracious without a hint of ego. What an amazing talent she is.

And finally, we sat down with one of the kindest, and most excitingly creative, filmmakers working today. Starting off as one of the voices behind SAW, Leigh continues to prove that he is the real deal when it comes to setting the right mood and telling a great story. He discussed why he felt Elisabeth was the right choice for this project, and the reason he decided to take a more modern approach to the material. Thankfully, he’s given us one of the best genre films in recent years. And frankly, that’s really saying something as of late with the terrific representation in horror we’ve had on the big screen. THE INVISIBLE MAN is currently playing at a theatre near you and it’s safe to say that we here at JoBlo think you’ll love it!

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