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Westworld season three featurette explores the world beyond the park

Westworld season three featurette explores the world beyond the park

For the last two seasons of Westworld, we’ve largely been confined to the titular park of the HBO series, but the upcoming third season will be a very different beast, following Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) as she escapes into the outside world. HBO has released a new featurette which explores the creation of this new world and features snippets from Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, as well as members of the cast and crew. Singapore, Spain, and Los Angeles were all used in order to create the Westworld metropolis skyline, and it certainly looks damn expensive, pushing this already ambitious series into the next level.

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have previously teased that the third season will be “a little less of a guessing game and more of an experience with the hosts finally getting to meet their makers.” Nolan said that the new season will be quite different from what’s come before, saying, “I love shows that find a groove and hang with it for 100 episodes — that was never this show,” Nolan said. “We always wanted every season to find our characters in radically different circumstances. And with a cast this talented, watching the metamorphosis of all these characters is one of the most fun parts.” Lisa Joy added that the story-line will be more linear this time around. “We’re looking at the aftermath of the massacre in the park,” Joy said. “After all they went through to get out of the park, Dolores finally got what she wanted, so we wanted to see how she interacts with the world and what her plan is. That’s a part of the story we were excited to tell.

The third season of Westworld will debut on HBO on March 15th.

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