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Review | The Landscapists

Review | The Landscapists

Architectural Design journal recently published a special issue The Landscapists: Redefining Landscape Relations which was guest-edited by Ed Wall, the Academic Portfolio Lead for Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Greenwich. This issue argues that landscapes are made and remade through interrelations between people and the worlds around them – from geographers investigating the lives of urban wastelands to landscape architects projecting future cities, and from migrants navigating border systems to artists working with local residents.

This issue focuses on some of these individuals whose work and lives encompass a diverse range of practices, brought together through their critical redefinition of landscape relations. 

The Landscapists has article contributions from academics and practitioners from across the world who provide thought-provoking articles across a variety of topics on what landscape is, media of landscape, Hinterlands as Capitalocene, metabolic rifts, speculative projects in relation to the Anthropocene and waste, future pedagogies, social mapping, landscape forms and new methodologies for space making, landscape city, unmaking the landscape, border landscapes, urban ecology, and design on stolen lands. Each essay provides an opportunity to explore each topic that is being contemplated by landscape architects.

Contributors to The Landscapists include James Corner, Kate Orff, Tim Waterman, Pierre Belanger, Harry Bix, Neil Brenner and Nikos Katsikis, Luis Callejas and Charlotte Hansson, Gareth Dorety and Pol Fite Matamoros, Matthew Gandy, Christina Leight Geros, Rinia Ghosn and El Hadi Jazairy, Toya Peak, Neil Spiller and Tiago Torres-Campos.

Each contributor provides an interesting view of their topic with high rigour. They correspondingly provide answers to the questions of Who defines the landscape around us? What practices are employed as contemporary landscape are produced?

The Landscapists is a high-quality publication available from Wiley for $45.00USD (plus P&H)

The Landscapists
Guest Editor – Ed Wall
ISBN: 978-1-119-54003-8
March 2020 136 Pages

The Landscapists was provided by Wiley to WLA for this review.

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