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Here Are Some Of The Best Affordable Used Cars Under $20k

Here Are Some Of The Best Affordable Used Cars Under $20k

New vehicles are more expensive than ever. There are lots of reasons for this – advanced safety features, improved engine technologies, and normal economic inflation. But if an average transaction price of more than $30,000 is a bit dear, there are plenty of affordable used cars on the market as well. Industry analysis website has compiled several lists of pre-owned vehicles that are less than a decade old, offer good reliability and safety, and can be had for less than half the cost of the average new vehicle.

The study evaluates many different categories, but we’re going to focus on the most affordable price point in each vehicle class. iSeeCars includes several vehicles on each of these lists: Best Used Cars Under $10,000, Best Used SUVs Under $15,000, and Best Used Pickup Trucks Under $20,000. Scroll through the gallery to see the top three in each category.


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