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Total and Siemens Eye Greener LNG Concepts  | Rigzone

Total and Siemens Eye Greener LNG Concepts  | Rigzone

Siemens Gas and Power reported Thursday that it is partnering with Total to advance new concepts for low-emission production of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The contract with Total calls on Siemens to study various possible liquefaction and power generation plant designs, with the ultimate goal of decarbonizing LNG production, Siemens noted in a written statement emailed to Rigzone. The firm added that studies will target key areas such as:

  • reducing the environmental footprint of LNG liquefaction facilities and associated greenhouse gas emissions
  • plant reliability
  • maintainability
  • regulatory compliance
  • development costs

Siemens also stated that it will explore the following concepts:

  • using gas turbine- and electric-driven compression trains with proven single-mixed refrigerant and double-mixed refrigerant technologies
  • selecting equipment that can minimize or eliminate process flaring
  • developing techniques to improve the efficiency of onsite power generation facilities such as heat recovery systems, inlet air chilling, supplementary firing, renewables integration and battery storage

According to Siemens, the studies will also investigate optimizing plant design and achieving seamless project execution by using digitalization and automation platforms.

“Siemens Gas and Power is committed to supporting the LNG industry’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions through the application of proven equipment solutions and by providing financial, technical development and strategic support to customers in the early concept development and pre-FEED stages of projects,” remarked Thorbjoern Fors, CEO of Siemens Energy Oil and Gas Division. “We are proud to continue these efforts by partnering with Total to drive towards the lowest possible plant emissions profile and attain the highest degree of sustainability in LNG production.”

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