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Noah Hawley says his Star Trek film would have featured an entirely new crew

Noah Hawley says his Star Trek film would have featured an entirely new crew

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Although we’ve got more Star Trek TV shows than we know what to do with, the big-screen side of the franchise seems to have stalled following the release of STAR TREK BEYOND. That’s not to say that there aren’t big-screen projects in development however, and one of those is set to be written and directed by Fargo creator Noah Hawley.

It was reported last month that Paramount Pictures had put Noah Hawley‘s Star Trek project on the back-burner, but in a recent interview with Variety, Hawley said that the project is still alive, just in stasis. It was rumoured that Hawley’s project would have centered around a virus that wiped out a large portion of the universe, and the director added that the film wouldn’t have featured the J.J. Abrams cast, but would instead focus on a new crew of characters. That said, it still would have had a connection to Star Trek canon, with Hawley referencing the scene in the first season of Fargo when Oliver Platt’s Stavros Milos found money buried in the snow by Steve Buscemi’s Carl Showalter in the Coen brother’ film.

We’re not doing Kirk and we’re not doing Picard. It’s a start from scratch that then allows us to do what we did with ‘Fargo,’ where for the first three hours you go, ‘Oh, it really has nothing to do with the movie,’ and then you find the money. So you reward the audience with a thing that they love.

While it would have been interesting to see something new with characters that didn’t originate on television, I’m not about to hold my breath just yet when it comes to any of the big-screen STAR TREK projects. Aside from Noah Hawley‘s project, there are two other STAR TREK projects in development, including the much-discussed film which emerged from Quentin Tarantino. Although Tarantino won’t direct the film as was once rumoured, the film does seem up his wheelhouse as it’s said to be based on an episode of the Original Series and would largely take place on Earth in a ’30s gangster setting (think “A Piece of the Action”). The third project would reunite the cast of the J.J. Abrams reboot for one more adventure.

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