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Has Henry Cavill signed a three-movie deal to return as Superman?!

Has Henry Cavill signed a three-movie deal to return as Superman?!

henry cavill superman new 3 movie dealWant to hear something ironic? About a half hour ago I was literally just speaking to a colleague of mine on how much I liked Henry Cavill as superman! And now, I was just informed of the rumor that the MAN OF STEEL actor may have just signed on the dotted line to play the son of Jor-El for three more films! That would be alright in my book, but let’s not forget the key word coming forth from this news: rumor. So let’s not start leaping tall buildings with a single bound just yet…

Apparently, the word on the streets of Smallville is that Cavill recently helped pitch a new Superman project that was super well-received. The potential deal is for three films based on his pitch with options to appear in other future DC films. I’m willing to wager that the studio wants Cavill back because of the big reception centering on Zack Snyder‘s upcoming “Snyder Cut” of JUSTICE LEAGUE. This for a total of five or six films.

If this rumor ends up being true, then I am all for it (as long as they bring back Amy Adams too). I would definitely love to hear what everyone else thinks. So do blast them comments below!

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