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Emily VanCamp wraps filming on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Emily VanCamp wraps filming on The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Filming on the Disney+ series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier continues to make more progress as one of the film’s stars has wrapped up their part on the highly-anticipated Marvel Studios show.

Actress Emily VanCamp, who began playing Sharon Carter in CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and reprises her role on the new streaming series, has wrapped shooting on the show. It took nearly six months but shooting resumed on The Falcon and The Winter soldier a few weeks ago. There were some photos of VanCamp on set as Sharon Carter as the show was attempting to finish production in Atlanta, Georgia. There is a possibility that the production will go overseas to do more shooting but it looks like VanCamp won’t be a part of that shoot.

VanCamp confirmed her wrapping on the series via an image on her Instagram which featured her on-set chair from production. You can check out her Instagram post below:

VanCamp wrapping up her time on set is a positive step that production on the Disney+ series is still running smoothly. The actress is the first cast member to publically confirm that they are done filming and while we’ve seen Desmond Chiam, Georges St. Pierre, and Erin Kellyman also on set, none of them have revealed if they are done filming or have more to do. Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie have also posted photos images from the set but they are expected to be the last ones to wrap as they are the stars of the series.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is expected to be ready by the Spring of 2021. The first Disney+ Marvel Studios series, WandaVision, will come first in November of this year due to the pause that the former series had to engage in due to the COVID-19 pandemic during filming. Are YOU excited for The Falcon and The Winter Solider? What would YOU like to see Sharon Carter be up to on the series?

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