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Leaked Amazon data shows automated warehouses have higher injury rates : technology

Leaked Amazon data shows automated warehouses have higher injury rates : technology

What I found: if you are injured, you will eventually be made to be homeless, treated poorly in the workplace, or lose income because of the injury.

Some of the ways Amazon handled it is to make a worker sign a document stating that the injury was prior to working at Amazon if they so choose to “work lightly” probably to prevent a worker from suing the company. But what is the catch if they are still going to make you work at a fast speed?

Let me see if I can find the articles explaining what they do to people who don’t sign that document and choose to do something else like workers compensation (from what I remember reading, it isn’t pretty.)

An Amazon company doctor recommended he return to work on light duty and gave him braces for each knee. Yevtuck provided documents corroborating his medical diagnoses from Amazon company doctors and private doctors. “As soon as I came back, the supervisor returned me back to a job that was full duty and I reinjured both knees.”

He added Amazon told him to return to work, or work a light duty job if he signed a form stating his injuries occurred prior to working at Amazon. An MRI he received in April 2016 from a private doctor noted he tore the meniscus in his left knee, but Amazon would not pay his medical fees or accept his workers compensation filing. His next court date in his legal efforts to obtain workers compensation and medical reimbursement from Amazon is in September 2018.

They will fight you for as long as possible so that you are left homeless, without a paycheck, or depend on that job as your only means of income it seems. So you know, you just wrecked your knee because of the work they made you do, and still make you do after you healed a little. So you messed up your leg? Now what?

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